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Energetic Protocols such as Energetic Healing Elixirs, Energetic Supplement and Bio Energetic Healing Supplements Enhance and Energize your Body's Electrical activity with the Frequencies that they Transfer to your body when you take them.

They literally send messages to your Cells, telling the Immune System to Turn on or elicit some other needed response in your body.

These products offer countless remedies for diverse Health Challenges, including, Liver Qi StagnationDiabetes, Lung Disorders, Heart Disease and......

These products offer benefit as:

  • Vibrational Food Energy
  • Energy Boosting Elixirs
  • Energetic Herbal Healing
  • Frequency Enhanced Energetic Herbs
  • Frequency Enhanced Energetic Supplements
  • Frequency Enhanced Energetic Natural Remedies
  • Vibrational Energy Healing.

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